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What geographical area are you wanting to target, and what audience do you want to reach? Our ability to advertise via social media gives your business the chance to increase brand awareness and target individuals looking for your products and/or services.

Because not every business is the same, each paid social campaign is tailored to your needs

Our Process


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We will meet with your team to discuss what your business is looking for and how you wish to promote your brand via social media with paid advertising.



Our team will research what social platforms are the best for your business, and we’ll look at what your competitors are doing to ensure we’re hitting all the marks with your paid social strategy.



Once we have a strategy in place, we will monitor your business’s paid social campaigns on a monthly basis and provide updates with reports and other data to show how the campaign is doing and where we may need to improve.

What Are They Saying?

"The team at Rankfuse are amazing!! Super responsive and on top of things! Highly recommend them!"

Imene M.

What Is Social Media Management

Social Media Management (SSM) is the process of planning, publishing, and responding across your company’s social profiles. Every brand is a little different, which is why we customize SMM services based on client needs.

Our Paid Social Approach

At Rank Fuse, our Social Media team is comprised of content strategy, creation, and social media experts. When it comes to increasing local awareness for our clients, we look at organic and promotional advertising tactics that will gain exposure from the right audience.

Our team typically starts with an audit of your current social landscape to understand and learn the status quo of each profile and gain access to the accounts. We also look at your competition to compare their success and use a variety of social media tools and tactics to expand your plans.

By monitoring your business’s social media profiles, we can round out your SEO services on brand keywords as well as help monitor and manage online reviews.

Paid Social Ad Management with Rank Fuse

The most popular social media profiles we manage and advertise on today are Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Whether you are a B2B corporation, entertainment venue, retail location, or professional service provider, we can help you plan and develop a social media calendar that fits your budget and goals.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising is great for targeting B2C audiences. If you are selling products online or providing local services, you can use demographic targeting to connect with your audience. Oftentimes, videos and imagery are the best ways to engage and connect with online users.

LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn is great for B2B advertising as you can target by job title, geography, and in-market interests. Similar to other social advertising platforms, it's important to have compelling imagery and video to effectively communicate with your demographic. With LinkedIn, it's also beneficial to have a compelling offer promotion or incentive to get people to sign up and engage with your brand.

Instagram Advertising

Instagram audiences are generally skewed towards a younger demographic. Reels, especially, are a great way to be exposed to a wider audience. If you have a video or a series of videos that you would like to promote to a given geography or demographic, Instagram reels is a great way to boost your brand awareness and appear in users' streams.

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