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Rank Fuse opened in Overland Park, Kansas, in 2015. Since then, our digital marketing agency has been helping brands across the nation grow their online presence and expand their customer base.

Rank Fuse has been listed on 500’s list of fastest growing companies and Ingrams Fastest Growing Companies. Whether you’re located in the Kansas City metropolitan area or across the nation, we’re here to revamp your online brand.

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Our goal is your goal. No matter what you need to achieve, we’ll guide you through the process every step of the way. We’re your trusted partners for all of your digital marketing strategies.

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Kevin Pike



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Kevin Pike is the Owner and President of Rank Fuse Digital Marketing located in Overland Park, KS. He founded the search engine marketing company in 2015 after a decade of experience working with multiple advertising and marketing agencies in the Kansas City area.

Throughout his career, Kevin has organizational achievements including agency rankings on Inc 500’s list of fastest growing companies and Ingrams Fastest Growing Companies. When Kevin founded Rank Fuse Digital Marketing, his core mission was to provided transparent and advanced search engine marketing solutions to companies and agencies looking for a digital marketing partner.

Today, his team’s ability to plan and optimize day-to-day has helped hundreds of businesses grow their revenues and profits from online sales and client acquisition. For companies struggling with their online presence and execution, Kevin’s ability to audit and improve the status quo has been proven over and over again.

Kevin’s professional passion is helping brands evolve their marketing strategy. You may see him speaking at marketing conferences and business development seminars. He also has a wealth of knowledge and experience he would be happy to share with any company looking to take their digital marketing plans to the next level.

Chelsea Roller

Director of Operations


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Chelsea Roller is the Director of Operations at Rank Fuse Digital Marketing. She graduated from the University of Kansas with a degree in Journalism and a minor in Linguistics in 2014. Since that time, she has dedicated her professional life to writing top-of-the-line content covering a wide range of topics spanning from health and fitness to home buying to precious metals and beyond. Her interest in linguistics has also led her to explore the nuances of language and grammar further.

As an avid animal lover, Chelsea got a dog after college—a Pomsky named Jacomo (Jock-uh-mo). Having her own dog led her into the realm of pet writing. To date, she has written over 150 articles about a variety of pet-related topics.

Even before she attended KU, Chelsea was a Jayhawk basketball fan. During peak basketball season, she sports KU gear almost daily (pun definitely intended); in fact, her closet is mostly crimson and blue.

When Chelsea isn’t in the office, she is spending time with her two sons, husband, and dog and exploring the KC food scene—especially sushi and taco joints. Always seeking laughter, you can also find Chelsea reading blogs and books by author Jenny Lawson (also known as The Bloggess) and watching Schitt’s CreekThe Office, and Parks and Rec.

Adam Bungart

Director of Technology


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Adam Bungart is the Director of Technology and Webmaster at Rank Fuse Digital Marketing. He started learning programming with C++ in 2002, and from there learned C#, .NET programming, Java, and JavaScript. Adam’s main focus for the last several years has been learning JavaScript frameworks such as React and Vue, as well as backend frameworks like Node and Express.

Along the way, Adam has picked up knowledge in PHP and WordPress, which he actually used for several years on an online auction website he owned himself. Since joining the Rank Fuse team in 2021, Adam has furthered his web development and SEO knowledge and experience.

As a travel and wine connoisseur, Adam is known for always providing champagne—no matter the occasion. His free time is often spent with his spunky puppy, Scout, and his son’s Boy Scout troop. Adam also enjoys writing software for different charities, and he admittedly spends way too much time studying Middle Earth and Lord of the Rings.

Matt Tierney

Web Developer


Matt Tierney is a Web Developer at Rank Fuse Digital Marketing. Matt studied Full-Stack Coding and Web Development at the University of Kansas. He has continued to teach himself new languages and frameworks to help create a new, creative, and more intuitive experience for users.

Born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri. Matt spent 20 years in the food and beverage industry as a Chef, Bartender, and General Manager. He enjoys cooking, basketball, painting, and playing the bass guitar. Most importantly, Matt loves spending time with his Boston Terrier Pit mix, Joey.

Lauren Underwood

Content Manager


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Lauren Underwood is the Content Manager for Rank Fuse Digital Marketing. She graduated from the University of Kansas in 2020 with a degree in English and a minor in French. As an avid book lover, Lauren always knew she wanted to be a writer. While her all-time favorite genre to write in will always be fiction, Lauren has editorial and content writing experience as well. She has written editorial articles that were published and featured in Kansas City Magazine and has also devoted time to writing novels of her own.

Originally from Colorado, Lauren enjoys anything in the outdoors, weightlifting, and being with her dog, Fen. Also referred to as Fenjamin or Fennelson, Fen is a silly shepherd mix puppy that is constantly trying to outsmart Lauren and get more treats. They spend a lot of time together playing fetch at the dog park and taking naps. Lauren also likes reading any novel she can get her hands on, and she’s a huge Gilmore Girls and Schitt’s Creek fan.

Azayla Etienne

Web Content Writer


Azayla Etienne is a Web Content Writer at Rank Fuse Digital Marketing. She graduated from Kansas State University in 2022 with a degree in Strategic Communications and a minor in Leadership Studies. During her time in college, Azayla wrote numerous online articles for a lifestyle & fashion magazine named Manhappenin’ Magazine. Aside from writing, she was also a dedicated member of the K-State advertising club, where they helped other departments within the university develop content and build social media strategies.

In her free time, Azayla enjoys nature walks with her dog, cuddling with her dog, and watching movies with her dog. Bear is a Border Collie-Pitbull mix, a rescue from the KC Pet Project. Oddly enough, she used to work at the city shelter before working at Rank Fuse. Fun Fact: Azayla has never lived without a dog by her side before, not even in college. As an avid dog lover, she gave up college life in the dorms to bring her dog with her in a studio apartment as a freshman in college. And she has no regrets.

When she’s not hanging out with her dog or at work, you can catch her sipping at a local coffee shop, walking around antique stores, or hammocking at Shawnee Mission Park while listening to Silk Sonic. Or any Bruno Mars song, really.

Yianni Perahoritis

Web Content Writer


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Yianni Perahoritis is a Web Content Writer at Rank Fuse Digital Marketing. He received his Bachelor of Arts in Advertising and Strategic Communications from Lindenwood University in 2021 as well as a minor in Theatre. Yianni has experience in handling various areas of digital marketing, including social media, copywriting, SEO, and more. He has written for many industries, including legal, automotive, and education.

In his free time, Yianni enjoys singing Elvis at karaoke bars, acting on the stage, traditional Greek dancing, and binge-watching TV shows and movies. He is an avid whiskey drinker and enjoys a nice Old Fashioned or a simple whiskey/Coke.

Jake Broce

Web Content Writer


Jake Broce is a Web Content Writer at Rank Fuse Digital Marketing. He received his Bachelor of Arts in Marketing from John Brown University in 2014, with a minor in Accounting. Jake has experience in copywriting, SEO, WordPress frontend, website design and UX testing, social media, and content creation. Jake has written extensively for the cutlery industry, including kitchen, hunting, tactical, and everyday carry (EDC) topics.

Jake spends his free time reading fiction, playing board games, painting miniature figures, making long lists, and doing various outdoor activities like frisbee, hiking, camping, volleyball, etc. Ask Jake to show you the Star Trek Vulcan salute, and he won’t be able to do it because A) his fingers aren’t that independent, and B) Star Wars was way better anyway.

Ariel Puterman

Paid Media Manager


913.270.6770 x101

Ariel is the paid media manager for Rank Fuse Digital Marketing. He graduated from the University of Kansas in 2022 with a degree in Marketing and a minor in Entrepreneurship. Despite being a recent graduate, Ariel has several years of digital marketing experience from working internships in several different industries.

Ariel is also an avid college basketball fan. He co-owns a website called CBB Review, which covers college basketball throughout the year. Through this, Ariel has become a member of the media, earning credentials to Kansas basketball games and, most notably, the Sweet 16 and Elite 8 of the NCAA March Madness Tournament.

Alex Nease

Paid Search Analyst