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What is Paid Search?

Paid Search goes by many names, you have probably heard pay-per-click advertising, and PPC as well. 

Paid Search Advertising is the act of creating ads to be shown on search engines depending on what users are searching for. When a user searches for a keyword you are bidding on your ad appears in the search results.

Paid Search is an important aspect of any digital marketing strategy. Additionally, Paid Search is a great lead generation tactic and will lead to more website conversations.

When used in conjunction with SEO, pay per click advertising is an effective tactic to get your brand on the first page of search engine results with multiple rankings.

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Benefits of Hiring Our
Paid Search Team

While Google Ads makes it very easy to add your credit card and start spending money, they don’t always have your goals and profitability in mind. While Google highlights their machine learning and algorithms, we know from experience they still have a long way to go.

Hiring a Paid Search Agency for ad management helps you not waste money or have to become an expert in PPC. 

Our team has knows how to craft ads that are straightforward and relevant and focused on your direct response goals. 

We love Google ads as the core conversion-driving force of any SEM strategy. It’s the best demand generation you can buy!  

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Our Approach to Paid Search

What Makes Us Different?

As premier partners with both Google and Bing, we have planned and managed millions of dollars in search ads. These are milestones achieved by experts who know how to manage PPC ads and build trust.  We have some clients that have been with us since the day we started!

Our team has inside access to search engine reps and beta programs other agencies don’t have. This allows us to provide additional services that aren’t available to all digital marketing agencies. 

Our years of experience will help you fast-track tactics that will work vs. ones that will be a waste of your advertising budget.

Closely monitoring our client’s search campaigns daily is very different than a “set it and forget” approach. We are better able to reduce the impact of wasted search terms on your overall campaign and make adjustments when your competition changes.

Focusing on the highest converting keywords, we can show how we aim to deliver more leads to drive more business sales.

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Work with Paid Search Experts

Our daily campaign checks allows us to make optimizations more frequently. Performance metrics like click-through rates and call tracking are watched closely to ensure that your ad dollars are being properly utilized.

Case Studies

See how we have helped other companies like yours grow through proper Paid Search advertising.

With our return on investment (ROI) focus for lead generation and product sales we have an affinity for making our clients profitable with PPC ads.

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Paid Search is just one of our many Search Engine Marketing Services. See what else we have to offer.

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