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Targeting with intent

The key to running a successful programmatic campaign starts with targeting. Who are you trying to reach, and what geo are you trying to target?

 These are just a few of the questions that help us create a custom strategy. We can onboard 3rd-party data from several ad networks making it easy for you to get the most out of your advertising budget.

Our access to programmatic ad networks allows us to target people based on online and off-line behaviors, geographic region, demographic information, shopping behaviors, and more. Let us help you create a perfect online ad strategy that connects your brand to the right people.

Tailored Campaigns

Not every business is the same, so your programmatic ad strategy shouldn’t be approached in a cookie-cutter manner.

 Working with Rank Fuse, you will receive a holistic media plan tailored to reach your target audience.

Real-time bidding (RTB) allows us to manage your media buy in real-time and make sure you reach your target audience in the right moment. Through a variety of programmatic tactics, our team will help you cut down on wasted impressions and help you achieve short-term and long-term brand awareness goals.


Cost-Per-Million (CPM)

This price of 1,000 ad impressions. Example, $500 at a $10 CPM would buy you 50,000 ad impressions.

Target Audience

The intended audience or device of an advertisement, publication, or promotion.

Click-Thru Rate (CTR)

The number of ad clicks divided by ad impressions. Average CTR on Mobile Ads was 0.257% in 2018.

Display Ads that work

What Makes us Unique?

An effective programmatic ad campaign involves a holistic approach to audience, creative, and promotion. In order to achieve direct response and awareness goals, experience matters. 

While programmatic media buying may not fit every digital media plan, it helps to hire a digital agency with experience and coach you and grow with your expand digital demands..

Last but not least, buying ads on impressions (CPM) is much different than bidding on clicks (CPC) and we understand the differences.  We are great at setting expectations with our clients because do this every day. As media planners, it’s our job to cut down on waste and increase your brand’s ROI over time. 

Ad Management Services

Here’s a quick look at what we offer in the way of programmatic and display ad management:

Case studies

Check out some of the programmatic ad work that we are proud of:

Display Media Buying

our Media Buying Services

Behavioral Targeting

We use targeting segments provided by third-party data aggregates to layer on behaviors associated with your target audience. Let us help you with this specialized technique.

Contextual Display Ads

Have your ads display to potential customers when they visit content that is related to your products or services. Ads like this are more likely to lead to conversions.

Native Ad Management

Have you ever seen an ad that blends in with the featured articles on a page? Using the content on your site, we can promote your business through native ads.

Retargeting Campaigns

Users who have already shown interest in your site are more likely to convert. Reach these individuals through retargeting impressions and drive more conversions for your brand.

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