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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Marketing Automation starts with building a list of potential customers as well managing your current customer list for client communication. Having a cloud-based CRM that cookies and monitors people allows for more automation.

Chat Bots

Chat bots are becoming a popular way to start the conversation with people visiting your website. Building a custom chat bot that is not invasive while also supporting your lead funnel and customer service takes planning.

Email Drip Campaign

An email drip campaign is a continuation of email messages over time. Automation allows for the timing and content of these messages to be individual based on behavior actions taken by each individual in your CRM.

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What Is Marketing Automation?

Marketing Automation is a set of workflows and if/then statements that automate which CRM groups (or individuals) get certain marketing emails. 

Because the trigger for firing communications can be made based on email engagement, lead score, website behavior, sales calls, form fills, social account engagement, white paper downloads, appointment requests, and much more the complexity and creativity can involve a high level of customization.

Our recommendation is to start simple and get buy-in from all employees. Complexity and advanced work flows tend to grow as the company operations and CRM lists grow. 

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SharpSpring-certified agencies are proven experts in marketing automation. They have demonstrated an elite skill level in using SharpSpring and delivering results for clients.

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Forrester research from 2014 found that companies using marketing automation convert 53% more qualified leads compared to companies that don’t have a revenue generation platform. 

For B2B companies with longer sales cycles and complex offerings, having a CRM that can score engagement based website page visits, social media interactions, email opens, etc. gives your sale team a priority pipeline that helps them focus on who is really interested in doing business with you. 

For eCommerce websites, shopping cart abandonment occurs for a number of reasons. Shipping costs, promo codes, and life interuptions can make people forget and sometimes sending a reminder about their abandoned session with and incentive helps them complete the purchase. 

No matter what the motivation is for your business, marketing automation is a great tool for marketing and sales teams to boost company revenue. 

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