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What is Local SEO?

Have you ever wondered how to get your business to appear on Google Maps or rank for “near me” keywords? Local SEO makes achieving these things possible. Local SEO is the practice of increasing your website’s visibility when it comes to local search results. This approach involves a variety of local directories, schema markup, and review tools, as well as incorporating fundamental SEO best practices such as keyword-rich content and Domain Authority. Focusing on these algorithm factors for local search will help your company among local competition.

Local SEO Benefits

A Google presentation in 2018 said 46% of all Google Searches are local searches. 72% of these searchers generally visit a local store within five miles, and 18% led to a purchase within one day. Whether you own a local brick-and-mortar business or a local service provider that travels to your customers, it’s important to grow your business through local search keywords. One benefit of being local is not having to go head-to-head with big Fortune 500 brands. While national corporations and big box retailers seem to dominate some rankings, local SEO is a level playing field for local websites.

Rank Fuse team
Rank Fuse team

Work With Local SEO Experts

At Rank Fuse, our SEO team is well-equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary to boost your Local SEO and increase rankings. We use YEXT, Google My Business, and ReviewMy.Co, which are all tools that can increase your brand’s visibility when it comes to local keywords. In addition to these tools, our team incorporates keyword research, content strategy, and social media to increase local traffic to your website.

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