Pros and Cons of Microsoft Clarity – 2020 Review

Microsoft is changing the game with its latest offering?a free UX analytics tool that can record and show you what users are doing on your website. This tool, called Clarity, provides engagement metrics, recordings, heatmaps, and website performance data that will help you improve user experience and design across desktop and mobile screens. Pros: Free […]

Website Animation: The Double-Edged Sword of User Experience

web animation

Since the invention of the GIF in 1987, it feels like animation is everywhere. Attention spans are consistently becoming shorter, but more eye-catching motion isn’t always a good thing. The goal of animation is to retain customers, but what if animation actually drove visitors away? There are many advantages to animation. Let’s take a look […]

What You Need to Know About Web Hosting

Web Hosting Tips

Having a website for your business is incredibly important in this technological world we live in. However, there is a lot that goes into successfully managing a website. Many business owners don’t have experience creating or running a website. This daunting task can be too much for someone without experience with website hosting. Whether you […]

How Can the Google Search Console URL Inspection Tool Help You?

URL Inspection Tool

The strong focus on SEO recently has led many companies to redirect their energy into SEO strategies. When it comes to search engine optimization, all of your efforts are wasted if you aren’t showing up on the search results pages at all. This is where Google Search Console’s URL Inspection Tool comes in. At Rank […]

How Default Google Ads Settings Could Be Hurting Your Campaigns

Google Ads default settings

When you create a Google Ads account, there are a number of default settings already loaded into your campaigns. While this may seem extremely helpful if you are new to Google Ads, formerly Google Adwords, you could be costing yourself significant money in the long-term. At Rank Fuse, we caution our clients from accepting default […]

Store Visits – The New Beta Tool in Google Analytics

in-store shopping analytics

Consumer behavior has changed dramatically over the past decade. More and more consumers go online to research the best restaurants, find product reviews, and so on. E-commerce sales continue on an upward trend, especially with Amazon’s continuous growth. Despite this growth, however, in-store sales still make up 90% percent of all retail sales. Many consumers […]

New URL Inspection Tool from Google Search Console

A new feature is now available in the beta Google Search Console that allows users to check a specific URL on a website to see how Google search sees that URL. Called the URL Inspection Tool, Google now has released this tool for all users. The URL Inspection Tool gives users a detailed crawl, index, […]

Big Changes with Yoast SEO 7.0

yoast seo plugin update

The Yoast SEO plugin made a bunch of different changes on March 6. This update was created to help make SEO easier to understand and use, and in the process, Yoast removed a few settings and options. Other changes included changing the names of certain settings that might have been confusing for people without extensive […]

What?s in Store for SEO in 2017?

future of SEO

As the times change, so too does the face of SEO. In 2017 we saw the rise of better content marketing, changes in how Google displays search results, but what changes will we see in 2018? In this article we are here to break down a few new SEO trends and what we think it […]