When it comes to dreaded deadlines, April 15 may be one of the worst. Tax day can be the stuff of nightmares for procrastinators who put off filing in hopes

Ever feel like Google’s quest for a friendlier mobile environment is a bit like a version of the old children’s game “Mother May I”? You ask a question with the

Considering the fact that Web-enabled smartphones represent 75% of the total “active” smartphone population in the U.S., there is a gigantic need for business owners to work together with web

June 6th, 2012 – Mountain View, California: Google finally comes out with an official stance on mobile and smartphone-optimized websites. We’re sure this is because smartphones have now become the

Any website page that advertises a product or service is in play to do one thing: turn shoppers into buyers and sell. We call this process conversion. It begins with

So, armed with knowledge about content freshness and quality – as stated in Part 1 of this series – we can now tackle the next issue: Where can I add

Believe it or not, there is an important SEO lesson to be learned from department store window dressing. Really. Now that the holiday shopping season in coming to a close,

What is mobile? It seems almost ridiculous to ask this question. Right now, there are over 5 billion mobile phones in use across the globe. It’s an astonishing figure, given

Balance is required when content developers create pages, since they are being produced for both search engines and humans.

Last week saw the release of Google Instant Previews for ads. Much like the same previews that Google rolled out for search results last November, the new Instant Previews for