Pros and Cons of Microsoft Clarity – 2020 Review

Microsoft is changing the game with its latest offering?a free UX analytics tool that can record and show you what users are doing on your website. This tool, called Clarity, provides engagement metrics, recordings, heatmaps, and website performance data that will help you improve user experience and design across desktop and mobile screens. Pros: Free […]

The Comprehensive Guide to Creating Content for Your Website

Marketers are all about high-quality content in today?s fast-paced, highly competitive world of search engine rankings. At the end of the day, everything comes back to content. Your social media presence and search traffic, PPC campaigns, SEM strategy, and more all hinge on having great content on your website. Since 77 percent of Internet users […]

What Google Analytics Can Tell You About Your Website

Rank Fuse Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a powerful tool that can provide many insights into your business? website performance. As Google?s website analysis service, Google Analytics can help you understand your audience, how users get to your website, how they behave once they get there, and how your digital marketing efforts drive traffic and business. How to Apply […]

Web Development and SEO: 5 Things to Check Before Your Site Goes Live

web development

Developing websites is challenging, especially for business owners with no web development background. Rank Fuse?s web development team knows that this is a challenging task, especially when you throw SEO into the mix. Search engine optimization is critical for businesses, and it is even more important to a new business looking to outrank their competition […]

Website Animation: The Double-Edged Sword of User Experience

web animation

Since the invention of the GIF in 1987, it feels like animation is everywhere. Attention spans are consistently becoming shorter, but more eye-catching motion isn?t always a good thing. The goal of animation is to retain customers, but what if animation actually drove visitors away? There are many advantages to animation. Let?s take a look […]

What You Need to Know About Web Hosting

Web Hosting Tips

Having a website for your business is incredibly important in this technological world we live in. However, there is a lot that goes into successfully managing a website. Many business owners don?t have experience creating or running a website. This daunting task can be too much for someone without experience with website hosting. Whether you […]

Firefox Browser is [Now] Blocking Google Analytics By Default

Firefox and Google Analytics

On the Mozilla Blog last week, Dave Camp, Senior Vice President of Firefox, announced that the browser he manages will now block known third-party cookies, including Google Analytics by default. While many analytics analysts, SEOs, and advertisers are obviously miffed on the idea, the sale from Camp is all about enhanced tracking protection from your […]

How to Use Holidays as a Marketing Tool for Your Business


We all know that the holiday season is just around the corner, and for many businesses, the holiday season is the busiest time of year. While you may understand that sales will increase during the holidays, you may need a little help maximizing your sales during this time of year. If someone were to ask […]

Ten Ways to Find out What Your Customers Want to Hear


How do you know what to blog about for your clients? It can be hard to come up with consistently interesting and new content, but with these five tips, you?ll always be able to figure out exactly what your clients will find useful. Use Google Analytics This helpful tool will tell you where your site […]