Firefox Browser is [Now] Blocking Google Analytics By Default

Firefox and Google Analytics

On the Mozilla Blog last week, Dave Camp, Senior Vice President of Firefox, announced that the browser he manages will now block known third-party cookies, including Google Analytics by default. While many analytics analysts, SEOs, and advertisers are obviously miffed on the idea, the sale from Camp is all about enhanced tracking protection from your […]

How Should I Explain SEO to Digital Newbies?


As a digital marketer, you know just how important SEO is to your clients? marketing efforts. However, it can be really difficult to put all of the benefits of SEO into words that your clients will understand. At Rank Fuse, we know that it is our job to help our clients understand what SEO is […]

Introducing Google My Business Complaint Form


Until now, the best options for reporting Google My Business (GMB) issues that hurt your local SEO efforts was honestly Twitter. In fact, you can still tweet issues to @GoogleMyBusiness and hope they take care of it for you; but now, we have a new option! Introducing Google’s Business Redressal Complaint Form: Now, if you […]

The Great Google 4-Star Ratings Attack of 2018: The Who, What, Where? but Why?

While many Americans watched Football last weekend, I was watching tons of fake ratings pollute Google Reviews with bogus 4-star ratings. If I told you over 2 million ratings were executed by less than 30 profiles, would you be shocked? What if I told you they are still live and didn’t get auto-flagged by Google? […]

How to Remove a Location in Google Maps

Google My business

Google Maps is a helpful tool for businesses to draw people into their locations. In most cases, Google Maps does a good job of keeping Google Maps up-to-date, but there are times when you may need to make changes to your Google Maps location for some reason. Rank Fuse wants you to be able to […]

Google Search Console – Solved: Index Coverage Issues

google index false positive issues

The new Google Search Console is doing a great job of many new things including expanding keyword data and informing users of any index errors on their websites. While that is very helpful, it seems that as with any new system a few bugs might still be in the system. More specifically, we are seeing […]

How to Get Rid of Bot Traffic from Google Analytics Completely

Google Analytics bot traffic

Bot traffic has made life difficult for digital marketers looking to give their clients the most accurate information regarding their websites as possible. In fact, bot traffic now makes up 56 percent of all traffic on an average website. Since digital marketers want to give accurate information, it is important to find a way to […]

7 Most Common SEO Mistakes

Content marking isn’t an easy task. The Internet is constantly evolving, and that means that marketers need to be continuously changing as well. One thing that hasn’t changed is the need for a solid SEO strategy. Search engine optimization itself is always changing, too. With a process that is always in flux, it is very […]

Ads Invading Local Pack Search Results


As you know by now, Google is all about information; however, the latest development in the land of Google caused a bit of a stir. Google has confirmed they will be placing ads in the Local Pack. This means that now, one of the three local results is going to be an ad. This means […]