Introducing Google My Business Complaint Form

Until now, the best options for reporting Google My Business (GMB) issues that hurt your local SEO efforts was honestly Twitter. In fact, you can still tweet issues to @GoogleMyBusiness

The Great Google 4-Star Ratings Attack of 2018: The Who, What, Where… but Why?

While many Americans watched Football last weekend, I was watching tons of “fake” ratings pollute Google Reviews with bogus 4-star ratings. If I told you over 2 million ratings were

Have you noticed the revolution going on when it comes to buying local? People throughout the nation are elevating their purchase pleasure by tapping into local and regional players for

Those who use the Web to perform pre-purchase research into products and services from their desktop computers or mobile devices know how important it is for businesses to have a

For the purposes of this article, the term “yellow pages” is meant to refer to any non-specific telephone directory of businesses that was commonly printed on yellow paper (of which

This is Part 2 of the Search Marketing Expo East 2011 wrap-up. The Search Marketing Expo in New York, also known as SMX East, concluded September 15th after three days

Decades ago, before we had access to Google, Bing, and the whole of the Internet providing the world at our fingertips, search was a laborious, time-consuming effort. For instance, if

Everything changes. Author Isaac Asimov said it best. “The only constant is change, continuing change, inevitable change…” Google is no stranger to change. Those who watch the search engines closely