Keywords 101: How to Outrank Your Competitors


We talk a lot about rankings in search engines. Keywords are a pivotal aspect of your search engine rankings. Outranking other businesses in search engines is likely to help earn you more customers. So, how can you outrank your competitors? Use keywords to your advantage! Here are a few tips from Rank Fuse. Determine Your […]

How to Find Your Business? Local Competitors

local competition

When it comes to local SEO efforts, one of the best things you can do is identify your local competition. The reason that knowing your competition is so important is that it is nearly impossible to beat your competition if you don?t know who they are. When you work with Rank Fuse, we help you […]

Why Ranking #1 on Google Isn?t as Important as It Once Was

Google Ranking

Business owners have been battling for the number one rankings on search engines for years, and while there is a benefit to ranking number one in Google and other search engines, there are more important things to focus on. When you consider how much competition there is for the number one spot, you can easily […]

Small Business Content Marketing Guide

Small Business Content

Content marketing can be a challenge for companies large and small, but for small companies, resources are often limited. Due to the lack of resources, many small businesses choose to skip content marketing altogether. Unfortunately, content marketing is one of the easiest ways for small businesses to get new business without spending a ton of […]

Tips for Optimizing Your Google My Business (GMB) Listing

Optimizing Your Google My Business Listing

Marketing a local business is no easy task. Unfortunately, many local businesses struggle to control their online presence, especially when there are so many places online that need managing. At Rank Fuse, we also recommend creating a Google My Business account to smaller, local companies that need to get the correct information out to the […]

Introducing Google My Business Complaint Form


Until now, the best options for reporting Google My Business (GMB) issues that hurt your local SEO efforts was honestly Twitter. In fact, you can still tweet issues to @GoogleMyBusiness and hope they take care of it for you; but now, we have a new option! Introducing Google’s Business Redressal Complaint Form: Now, if you […]

The Great Google 4-Star Ratings Attack of 2018: The Who, What, Where? but Why?

While many Americans watched Football last weekend, I was watching tons of ?fake? ratings pollute Google Reviews with bogus 4-star ratings. If I told you over 2 million ratings were executed by less than 30 profiles, would you be shocked? What if I told you they are still live and didn?t get auto-flagged by Google? […]

How to Remove a Location in Google Maps

Google My business

Google Maps is a helpful tool for businesses to draw people into their locations. In most cases, Google Maps does a good job of keeping Google Maps up-to-date, but there are times when you may need to make changes to your Google Maps location for some reason. Rank Fuse wants you to be able to […]

How to Best Handle Negative Online Reviews

Online reviews are becoming an increasingly popular way for people to express their opinions about businesses. Typically, these reviews are either really good or really bad. Good reviews are easy to handle, because there is no necessary damage control. But negative online reviews are a bit trickier. If you get a bad review, you should […]

Ads Invading Local Pack Search Results


As you know by now, Google is all about information; however, the latest development in the land of Google caused a bit of a stir. Google has confirmed they will be placing ads in the Local Pack. This means that now, one of the three local results is going to be an ad. This means […]

Why Do SEOs Focus on Long-Tail Keywords?


The most common keyword practice utilized by SEO experts is to target long-tail search queries that are substantially less competitive, offer quicker ROI, and need fewer?link?tactics to achieve success. More importantly, selecting long-tail keywords will present a greater opportunity to gain more visitors to your site. When choosing to optimize for long tail keywords, the […]