Pros and Cons of Microsoft Clarity – 2020 Review

Microsoft is changing the game with its latest offering?a free UX analytics tool that can record and show you what users are doing on your website. This tool, called Clarity, provides engagement metrics, recordings, heatmaps, and website performance data that will help you improve user experience and design across desktop and mobile screens. Pros: Free […]

What Google Analytics Can Tell You About Your Website

Rank Fuse Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a powerful tool that can provide many insights into your business? website performance. As Google’s website analysis service, Google Analytics can help you understand your audience, how users get to your website, how they behave once they get there, and how your digital marketing efforts drive traffic and business. How to Apply […]

Keywords 101: How to Determine Valuable Keywords


In the content marketing world, keywords hold a lot of power. However, it can be difficult for some companies to correctly determine what keywords they should be using in their content. As experts in all things SEO, the content strategy team at Rank Fuse has a little advice for determining which keywords are valuable for […]

How to Find Your Business? Local Competitors

local competition

When it comes to local SEO efforts, one of the best things you can do is identify your local competition. The reason that knowing your competition is so important is that it is nearly impossible to beat your competition if you don’t know who they are. When you work with Rank Fuse, we help you […]

How Can the Google Search Console URL Inspection Tool Help You?

URL Inspection Tool

The strong focus on SEO recently has led many companies to redirect their energy into SEO strategies. When it comes to search engine optimization, all of your efforts are wasted if you aren’t showing up on the search results pages at all. This is where Google Search Console’s URL Inspection Tool comes in. At Rank […]

Firefox Browser is [Now] Blocking Google Analytics By Default

Firefox and Google Analytics

On the Mozilla Blog last week, Dave Camp, Senior Vice President of Firefox, announced that the browser he manages will now block known third-party cookies, including Google Analytics by default. While many analytics analysts, SEOs, and advertisers are obviously miffed on the idea, the sale from Camp is all about enhanced tracking protection from your […]

Store Visits – The New Beta Tool in Google Analytics

in-store shopping analytics

Consumer behavior has changed dramatically over the past decade. More and more consumers go online to research the best restaurants, find product reviews, and so on. E-commerce sales continue on an upward trend, especially with Amazon’s continuous growth. Despite this growth, however, in-store sales still make up 90% percent of all retail sales. Many consumers […]

Google Search Console – Solved: Index Coverage Issues

google index false positive issues

The new Google Search Console is doing a great job of many new things including expanding keyword data and informing users of any index errors on their websites. While that is very helpful, it seems that as with any new system a few bugs might still be in the system. More specifically, we are seeing […]

How to Get Rid of Bot Traffic from Google Analytics Completely

Google Analytics bot traffic

Identifying Bot Traffic Bot traffic is defined as non-human traffic to your website from spiders and robots that seems like legitimate traffic but is really spam. This low-quality traffic can interfere with your data and mess up your ability to make well-informed decisions for your business. If you start to notice unexpected spikes in your […]