How Can the Google Search Console URL Inspection Tool Help You?

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The strong focus on SEO recently has led many companies to redirect their energy into SEO strategies. When it comes to search engine optimization, all of your efforts are wasted if you aren’t showing up on the search results pages at all. This is where Google Search Console’s URL Inspection Tool comes in. At Rank Fuse, we know how to use this tool to get your website seen in Google searches to increase your visibility.

What is the URL Inspection Tool?

The Google URL Inspection Tool gives Search Console users insight into how Google indexed a specific URL. According to Google, the URL Inspection Tool provides information about your webpages from Google Index such as crawl, index, and serving information. Additionally, it provides AMP errors, structured data errors, and indexing issues.

Knowing that your website is indexable is critical to your SEO efforts. Let’s take a look at how you can use the URL Inspection Tool to help your business.

Using the URL Inspection Tool

The URL Inspection Tool is very easy to use. First, you need to log in to your Google Search Console account and locate the URL Inspection Tool in the navigation panel. Once the page loads, you can enter the full URL to have it checked. Your URL must be in the current property. Any URL from another website can’t be tested. If you happen to own other properties and want to test URLs for that property, you need to switch to that Google account.

With the URL Inspection Tool, you can inspect both AMP and non-AMP URLs, and if the page has alternate versions, you can get information about all versions of the page.

You can also run a test on the indexability of the URL and request that the URL be indexed. However, there is a daily limit to the number of inspection requests you can have for each property that you own.

How Can I Use the URL Inspection Tool for My Business?

The main benefit of using the URL Inspection Tool is that you can see if your pages are even showing up in Google’s search results. Using the URL Inspection Tool will provide insights on things that you need to do to ensure that your website will show up in search results so that people can find your site when they search keywords that are valuable to your business. With this tool, you can see exactly what the problems are with your webpage that might be preventing it from appearing in searches.

Once you have determined the problems with your webpage, you can go back and correct the problems. This unique opportunity allows you to better position yourself to rank on Google.

The main thing that could be stunting your ability to rank on Google is a “noindex” tag. If you have a “noindex” tag in your “robots” meta tag, Google is unable to index your page, which means that you won’t be found on Google.

Be sure to remove any “noindex” tags on the pages that you want to be indexed and crawled by Google.

If you are concerned with your website’s indexability, Rank Fuse can help. Our SEO experts have years of experience getting websites indexed in Google and optimizing them for search engines. Reach out to us with any questions at 913-703-7265.

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