Ever feel like Google’s quest for a friendlier mobile environment is a bit like a version of the old children’s game “Mother May I”? You ask a question with the

How To Create A Good Keywords List

If you’re a search engine marketer, the idea of creating a list of perfect keywords might feel as impossible as adding more hours into the day. Based on ever-changing Google

Google Introduces Automatic Item Updates For PLAs

For most, this feature seems like a long time coming for Google. With most eCommerce systems now capable of complex micro-data and product feeds in real-time, it feels like product-listing-ads (PLA’s) have

Bing’s New Keyword Stuffing Filter To Impact 3% of Search Queries

If you’re in the business of search engine optimization it’s fair to assume that you’re always looking for new ways to return higher rankings in the SERPs. In the earliest

Salesforce and Omnicom announced a partnership on Tuesday that will give the holding company’s agencies and their clients access to Salesforce’s full product offering. The deal underscores how agencies are

2014 Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends for North America.

The Content Marketing Institute and Bright Cove released the 2014 Content Marketing Benchmarks PDF this week and it provides some good insights for what I believe to be a very strong 2015

When it comes to creating a quality website, one of the primary elements is the application of strong search engine optimization (SEO). This coupled with entertaining content is what enables

An Awesome Time For Marketing Creative – You Got to See This!

Google’s new ArtCopyCode.com site is very exciting and geeky and something to nerd out on for sure! Marketing professionals on the digital strategy and buying side yearn for creative this imaginative

Google Algorithm Changes, Again, with HTTPS Everywhere Update

This month webmasters received an obvious and intentional nudge toward HTTPS encryption courtesy of Google. The change will give “bonus” points for websites that convert from an HTTP site to

In a handful of high-profile cases that have made waves in the SEO blogosphere, Google’s webspam team has recently penalized a few big-name websites for bad SEO practices. Most recently,