Adam Bungart

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Adam Bungart

Lead Software Engineer and Webmaster

Adam Bungart is the Lead Software Engineer and Webmaster at Rank Fuse Digital Marketing. He started learning programming with C++ in 2002, and from there learned C#, .NET programming, Java, and JavaScript. Adam’s main focus for the last several years has been learning JavaScript frameworks such as React and Vue, as well as backend frameworks like Node and Express.

Along the way, Adam has picked up knowledge in PHP and WordPress, which he actually used for several years on an online auction website he owned himself. Since joining the Rank Fuse team in 2021, Adam has furthered his web development and SEO knowledge and experience.

As a travel and wine connoisseur, Adam is known for always providing champagne—no matter the occasion. His free time is often spent with his spunky puppy, Scout, and his son’s Boy Scout troop. Adam also enjoys writing software for different charities, and he admittedly spends way too much time studying Middle Earth and Lord of the Rings.

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