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Online Reviews Increase​
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The Challenge

Beautiful Outdoors’s original website design needed a complete overhaul in early 2018. The original site was difficult to navigate and wasn’t easy to read, which contributed to a low conversion rate. 

White text on a dark background is a big design no-no, as it makes large chunks of text more difficult to read and digest. This problem is exacerbated when placing white text on yellow and light green backgrounds like their original design had in multiple areas.

The new design flaunts not only an easier to read dark-text/white-background combination, but also consolidates the navigation into fewer choices for the user to make. Overwhelming users with too many dropdowns only adds friction to the user experience, because more often than not our eyes move faster than the mouse. By the time you’re ready to click on an item, hovering over it displays even more options, which only adds more friction to the user experience.

We also implemented more images and a few icons through the page content to break up the information into easier to read chunks rather than large paragraphs for visitors to skim through. 


Thanks to a friendlier interface and overall aesthetic, we saw an increase in site-wide visits almost immediately:


About Beautiful Outdoors

Beautiful Outdoors Lawn & Landscape has served the Kansas City metro for over 20 years in the green industry. They have a fully-equipped landscape design and warehouse with storage for all of our materials and equipment. Located in the heart of Kansas City, they are serve hundreds of commercial and residential lawn mowing & snow removal contracts every year. 

Rank Fuse has help me design and build a website that ranks for the services and integrates with our online reviews management portal.

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