The Google+ Project is a social networking experiment and follows the launch of the Google +1 button (officially launched March 30th this year) that allows Google search users to “click” and recommend content, as well as help shape future search results for others.

On Monday, March 28th, Google introduced the long-awaited Google +1 button. The product launch page at the Google Webmaster Central blog states that +1 is an “easy way for Google

In today’s highly connected world, an increasing number of business professionals are making social media a key component of their marketing strategy. They are employing social media to engage customers,

Start by listening: Before launching your social media efforts, identify who is talking about you, which channels they are using, and what they are saying about you and your brand.

Social media can’t be successful without a realistic level of thought and investment. If a company is using social media but doesn’t have a plan that includes the right strategy,

Twitter revealed today their new platform to monetized their hugely popular site. Called Promoted Tweets, the platform will place advertiser ads as tweets above search results relating to an advertiser’s

Without warning Facebook has started to email reports to page administrators. The reports provide high level data such as the amount of new fans, posts, comments, and visitors in the