10 People You Should be Advertising to on Facebook via Custom Audiences

At the end of last month, Facebook announced an interesting little tweak to their Ads component. Now, through the power of Custom Audiences, any business that advertises on Facebook will

No Third-Party App Required for Facebook Contests and Promotions

This is a bit of a game-changer for brand promotions and social media. Facebook has officially removed third-party app requirements for promotions and contests run on its social networking site.

Buying Power If you’ve seen the film The Social Network, written by Aaron Sorkin, directed by David Fincher, and starring Jesse Eisenberg as Mark Zuckerberg, you may already know that

Few people in the social media game would ever say that they genuinely enjoy flipping from one Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google+ account to the next and pasting in the

Pinterest, created by Paul Sciarra, Evan Sharp, and Ben Silbermann and launched March 2010, bills itself as an “online pinboard,” where connected users can discover images of things to “pin”

It seems like Google+ Pages for businesses have been a long-time coming, even though Google+ was released into “invite only” field testing on June 28th of this year and just

Imagine you’re a shopkeeper on Canal Street in Lower Manhattan in the 1850s tying to market your wares to passersby. In the old days, you marketed apples, newspapers and cudgels

The Search Marketing Expo in New York, also known as SMX East, wound up festivities on September 15th after three days of speakers and programs that bill themselves as the

There are those who believe that social media is nothing more than chatter and noise, an unending stream of absurd prattle that is clotting our bandwidth and deafening our ears.

Director for Google Offers, said that the Portland trial went well and that Google’s intention “was to start learning how to source great deals, provide excellent merchant and customer service and deliver value to our customers.”