An interesting thing happened in August with Google. Maybe you noticed it, maybe you didn’t. Google reduced the number of listings on their search engine results pages from ten listings

For the purposes of this article, the term “yellow pages” is meant to refer to any non-specific telephone directory of businesses that was commonly printed on yellow paper (of which

This is Part 2 of the Search Marketing Expo East 2011 wrap-up. The Search Marketing Expo in New York, also known as SMX East, concluded September 15th after three days

The Search Marketing Expo in New York, also known as SMX East, wound up festivities on September 15th after three days of speakers and programs that bill themselves as the

Decades ago, before we had access to Google, Bing, and the whole of the Internet providing the world at our fingertips, search was a laborious, time-consuming effort. For instance, if

he new Yahoo search feature, which debuted in beta this week, is called Search Direct and appears to take some inspiration from Google Instant.

In mid-February, Microsoft announced that a sweeping change would be made to their Intellectual Property Guidelines for advertisements that support Bing and Yahoo’s PPC marketing. Of those proposed changes, the

Google began by publicly calling Microsoft out, accusing Bing search engineers of deliberately using Internet Explorer tools to collect data from Google.

Everything changes. Author Isaac Asimov said it best. “The only constant is change, continuing change, inevitable change…” Google is no stranger to change. Those who watch the search engines closely

The Wall Street Journal reported on Friday (Dec 4, 2009) afternoon Yahoo and Microsoft (Bing)  announced they have come to an agreement on a deal that would allow Microsoft (Bing) and