Why Do SEOs Focus on Long-Tail Keywords?

The most common keyword practice utilized by SEO experts is to target long-tail search queries that are substantially less competitive, offer quicker ROI, and need fewer link tactics to achieve success. More

Google Defends It’s Shopping Changes – Stock Holders Notice Bigger Picture

I have always believed that Google can do what it wants to do. If people don’t like the Google changes they are free to move to another search engine and arguably

Discerning Contrasts: Black Hat vs White Hat SEO

When it comes to color, black and white have the greatest contrast of hues. Perhaps this is why the colors continue to represent the extremes of good versus bad and

Google’s Disavow and reconsideration tools have been around long enough now that the recent news from Google’s official Webmaster blog this week seems almost overdue. But, atlas this week Google announced

If you have a website, there’s a chance someone at some time has recommended optimizing your site through the application of search engine optimization (SEO). Simply put, SEO helps a

Have you noticed the revolution going on when it comes to buying local? People throughout the nation are elevating their purchase pleasure by tapping into local and regional players for

Ever feel like Google’s quest for a friendlier mobile environment is a bit like a version of the old children’s game “Mother May I”? You ask a question with the

Google Introduces Automatic Item Updates For PLAs

For most, this feature seems like a long time coming for Google. With most eCommerce systems now capable of complex micro-data and product feeds in real-time, it feels like product-listing-ads (PLA’s) have

Bing’s New Keyword Stuffing Filter To Impact 3% of Search Queries

If you’re in the business of search engine optimization it’s fair to assume that you’re always looking for new ways to return higher rankings in the SERPs. In the earliest

Google Algorithm Changes, Again, with HTTPS Everywhere Update

This month webmasters received an obvious and intentional nudge toward HTTPS encryption courtesy of Google. The change will give “bonus” points for websites that convert from an HTTP site to