Considering the fact that Web-enabled smartphones represent 75% of the total “active” smartphone population in the U.S., there is a gigantic need for business owners to work together with web

At the end of November, Google announced that they were introducing Reviews in Google Places for Business. For Google listed, verified business owners who are actively utilizing search and review

June 6th, 2012 – Mountain View, California: Google finally comes out with an official stance on mobile and smartphone-optimized websites. We’re sure this is because smartphones have now become the

For the purposes of this article, the term “yellow pages” is meant to refer to any non-specific telephone directory of businesses that was commonly printed on yellow paper (of which

What is mobile? It seems almost ridiculous to ask this question. Right now, there are over 5 billion mobile phones in use across the globe. It’s an astonishing figure, given

Imagine you’re a shopkeeper on Canal Street in Lower Manhattan in the 1850s tying to market your wares to passersby. In the old days, you marketed apples, newspapers and cudgels