How to Plan Digital Ad Spend – Your Strategic Budget Guide

digital advertising budget

Companies looking to get the most out of their online advertising campaigns may find that creating an effective digital advertising budget is challenging. With the goal of each campaign to produce a higher return on investment (ROI) and return on ad spend (ROAS), it’s important to properly plan your budget from the beginning so that […]

Standard Banner Ad Sizes for Programmatic and Display Campaigns

standard banner ad sizes

  Banner ads are a vital part of online advertising. To fully maximize your campaign reach, you’ll want to make sure you’re designing the right banner ad sizes that will generate the greatest number of impressions, clicks, and sales. Ad networks like Google’s have created standard sizes for banner ads that are shown to users […]

Pros and Cons of Microsoft Clarity – 2020 Review

Microsoft is changing the game with its latest offering?a free UX analytics tool that can record and show you what users are doing on your website. This tool, called Clarity, provides engagement metrics, recordings, heatmaps, and website performance data that will help you improve user experience and design across desktop and mobile screens. Pros: Free […]

Elements of Local Landing Pages That Drive SEO Results

local landing pages

By Eric Hoppe, Crowd Content The best website location pages take a significant amount of time and effort to craft, but the results can be extraordinary. More than half of all web searches now include local intent, with phrases such as “city name,” “near me,” and “nearby” tacked onto Google’s autocomplete algorithm in many instances. […]

Flesch Reading Ease Test: What Readability Means for SEO


In the world of search engine optimization (SEO), there are many metrics and tools that can help you create user-focused content that search engine algorithms love. Readability is just one of these metrics that writers, businesses, and marketers get hung up on as they produce online content. As you start learning about readability, you will […]

Rank Fuse Digital Marketing Lands Spot on Ingram’s 100 Fastest-Growing Companies List

Rank Fuse Digital Marketing, formerly Rank Fuse Interactive, comes in at #30 on Ingram?s 100 Fastest-Growing Companies of 2020. The list showcases Kansas City businesses that are experiencing rapid growth in gross revenue. Rank Fuse Digital Marketing, which opened its doors in 2015, operates with a team of employees to provide search engine optimization, paid […]

5 Actionable Email Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

email marketing

  By Alex Souchoroukof Email marketing remains one of the most rewarding marketing strategies. If you don’t believe me, research shows that for every dollar you spend, you get a return on investment of 42 dollars. To me, this is crazy, and I think that companies should invest more in this tool to increase their […]

Geofencing vs. Geoframing Advertising: What’s the Difference?

RF geofencing vs geoframing

Have you ever been to a coffee shop, and the next time you look at your phone, you are served an ad for that brand? I?m sure many of us have had a similar experience with ads on our phone. But how do these brands know where you?ve been? Location-based ad targeting can help your […]

4 Ways Social Media Improves Your SEO?

social media

Social media. You’ve probably had it drilled into your head that you need to be keeping up with a social media presence for your brand. In fact, most business owner’s ask us how we help make their business a bigger presence on social media because research shows 44% of internet users visit social networks for […]

How to Find Your Business? Local Competitors

local competition

When it comes to local SEO efforts, one of the best things you can do is identify your local competition. The reason that knowing your competition is so important is that it is nearly impossible to beat your competition if you don’t know who they are. When you work with Rank Fuse, we help you […]

Firefox Browser is [Now] Blocking Google Analytics By Default

Firefox and Google Analytics

On the Mozilla Blog last week, Dave Camp, Senior Vice President of Firefox, announced that the browser he manages will now block known third-party cookies, including Google Analytics by default. While many analytics analysts, SEOs, and advertisers are obviously miffed on the idea, the sale from Camp is all about enhanced tracking protection from your […]

The Great Google 4-Star Ratings Attack of 2018: The Who, What, Where? but Why?

While many Americans watched Football last weekend, I was watching tons of fake ratings pollute Google Reviews with bogus 4-star ratings. If I told you over 2 million ratings were executed by less than 30 profiles, would you be shocked? What if I told you they are still live and didn’t get auto-flagged by Google? […]

Google Search Console – Solved: Index Coverage Issues

google index false positive issues

The new Google Search Console is doing a great job of many new things including expanding keyword data and informing users of any index errors on their websites. While that is very helpful, it seems that as with any new system a few bugs might still be in the system. More specifically, we are seeing […]

7 Misconceptions About Content Marketing

Content marketing is a valuable resource that not everyone is using. In a world where social media marketing and paid search are the hot topics in the marketing world, content marketing isn’t getting the recognition it deserves. The reason may be that some people have strong misconceptions about what content marketing is and how it […]

How to Use Holidays as a Marketing Tool for Your Business


We all know that the holiday season is just around the corner, and for many businesses, the holiday season is the busiest time of year. While you may understand that sales will increase during the holidays, you may need a little help maximizing your sales during this time of year. If someone were to ask […]