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Website Animation: The Double-Edged Sword of User Experience

Since the invention of the GIF in 1987, it feels like animation is everywhere. Attention spans are consistently becoming shorter, but more eye-catching motion isn?t always a good thing. The goal of animation is to retain customers, but what if animation actually drove visitors away? There are many advantages to animation. Let?s take a look at the pros and cons of website animation:?

web animationPros?

  • Attention spans are always becoming shorter, visual representations of information will help get information to the viewer quickly and clearly.?
  • The user is more likely to stay on the site if they think it is responsive and intuitive.?
  • Perceived performance is one of the most important components of user participation on websites today. Regardless of how long it takes for your site to load, if the user thinks it is taking too long, they will lose interest. Animation can help mask the loading time of consuming tasks like a network request.?

page response timeCons

  • Cross-platform compatibility is important. More often than not, users will access your site on their phones and tablets. The last thing you want is an error message or faulty formatting that makes the animation look like a bug.?
  • Animation can negatively contribute to perceived performance. If your animation causes the site to take longer to load, it defeats the larger purpose of UI and UX.?
  • If the animation takes longer than 10 seconds to load or complete, studies show users will get bored and leave the site.?

So while animation can better engage the user, it is a narrow line to walk. Seriously consider the benefits of animation and whether your site actually requires it. Innovative website design without animation can accomplish what animation can without the potential negative outcomes.?

When it comes to your website, don?t succumb to the newest trend. No one is going to your website for entertainment?there?s Netflix for that. Animation should serve a purpose and should be designed to function seamlessly. Don?t try to work with the half-baked product that your IT guy cooked up, hire a professional to create an interactive web design for your needs.?

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