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New URL Inspection Tool from Google Search Console

A new feature is now available in the beta Google Search Console that allows users to check a specific URL on a website to see how Google search sees that URL. Called the URL Inspection Tool, Google now has released this tool for all users.

The URL Inspection Tool gives users a detailed crawl, index, and serving information about the provided URLs. Additionally, it will show users the last crawl date, the status of said crawl, any errors, and the canonical URL for the page. This tool can help users see if their pages are successfully indexed and whether they have any AMP errors, indexing problems, or structured data errors. You can enter AMP vs. non-AMP URLs as well.

Search Console?s URL Inspection Tool Help Page further details all of the features this new tool offers.

Additionally, there are more updates in the works for Google Search Console. The Search Analytics API now allows users to get a full 16 months of data, and the Recipe report can help you fix issues with structured data that affects recipes rich results. Lastly, there are new Search Appearance filters in Search Analytics that will give users the ability to see Web Light and Google Play Instant results. New features will roll out every month.

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