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How Social Media Affects Your SEO

social mediaSocial media. You?ve probably had it drilled into your head that you need to be keeping up with a social media presence for your business. It can be a challenge juggling so many different things, and social media doesn?t always make the cut. Many of our clients want to make a bigger presence on social media platforms, but they don?t know how to make it happen without investing a lot of resources into the task. At Rank Fuse, we know that social media can have a dramatic impact on your SEO, so we recommend consistent social posting for all of our clients.

Here are just a few ways that social media affects your website?s SEO.

Increased Web Presence and Traffic to Website

Getting more people on your website should always be a goal. Actively participating on social media platforms is one way that you can get more eyes on your website. Posting photos, videos, blog posts, and company updates are all ways that you can put out information that your followers might enjoy.

Once these posts have been created, other users can view them, visit your website, interact with the posts, and share the posts with other people they know, which can lead to more people seeing your posts, and in turn, your website. Social shares can also lead to other people linking back to the content that you have created. These backlinks can help increase your domain authority, which can boost the ranking of your website within search engines.

Social media can also help you get people talking about your products, services, or business. The more people interact with your posts, the more visible the posts will be to others. You can also boost posts and create ads on social media platforms to get your posts out to even more people.

Google and other search engines are also likely to pull up social media accounts in search queries for your business name. You want to at least have social media accounts that can be discovered in search results just so someone else?s business doesn?t pop up.

Increased Brand Recognition

The more people you can draw to your website and social pages, the more people will recognize your brand based on little things like logos, slogans, and colors. Building a recognizable brand doesn?t happen overnight, but you can use social media to start increasing your company?s brand recognition.

Increasing your brand recognition can also lead to people viewing your website as an authority on whatever your business sells. Being an authority on a specific topic allows readers to trust the information that you put out on your website. The increased trust will lead to a higher chance of people sharing information from your website.

When all of this happens, you are likely to notice that you start crawling up into higher search results on search engines like Google and Bing.

Improved Local SEO

Local SEO is crucial for small, local businesses. Business listings are so important for these companies who are often competing with larger national companies. With social media profiles, you can repeat the information that is included in your business listing numerous times and optimize your social media profiles for SEO by including a keyword-rich description of your business. Additionally, you should include a clear description of your products and services, your hours, and both a phone number and address. All of this information should be the same as what is listed in your Google My Business profile.

Better Distribution of Content

Yet again, all roads lead back to content. This is the main reason that we encourage all of our clients (in every industry) to continuously produce content or have it produced for their websites. You have to content to distribute it to your social media sites for others to share around the platform. Since Facebook alone has billions of viewers each week, social media can be a critical component for getting your content seen by a lot of people.

When you publish a blog post on your website, you can share it on your social media profiles to further extend the life of the post. Sharing blogs on your social media accounts allows you to continue to give it life. This helps you get more eyes on your blog posts that you otherwise may not get. Additionally, you can share blogs more than one time. Maybe you share the blog the first day it goes live, then again a month later, and finally one more time six months later. This tactic is going to get your post seen more than had you just published it on your website and hoped for Google to work its magic; it will also get your post seen more than had it shared it on social media just one time.

Using social media, you can control the distribution of your content and increase its lifespan.

While the impact social media has on your SEO isn?t always tangible, it can help increase website traffic and encourage more people to interact with your business. If you don?t already have social media profiles set up for your business, this is the first step you should take. If you need some help managing your social media accounts, Rank Fuse can help. Learn more on our website.

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