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What Are Expanded Text Ads and How Can They Help You?

The days of using the newspaper to advertise your business have come and gone. The way businesses advertise themselves changed in 2000 when Google launched an innovative service, called Adwords. Google’s Adwords has made it so that all types and sizes of companies can get noticed on the internet.

Google Adwords works on the idea of pay-per-click, or PPC. PPC ads are those sponsored advertisements that you see at the top of a Google search bar. A company’s advertisement appears based on the keywords a user searched. This way, businesses gain traffic to their site without having someone search for them directly.

In Google’s big spring announcement this year, they reported that they would be making a change to Adwords. Now, Google is offering expanded text ads. So what exactly does that mean?

Expanded ads defined

Expanded text ad space is two times bigger than the old ad space offered by Google. You now have a total of 140 characters, which allows banners to display more text. This is great news for ads displayed on mobile devices. Now the text in an advertisement will fully display on a phone or tablet and not get cut-off. Google anticipates that these larger text displays will increase a site’s click-thru-rate, or CTR, by up to 20%.

So, how will expanded text ads help your business grow?

Drive more traffic

One hundred-forty characters is the same number of characters available to you on Twitter. Think about how much more leeway that will give you when creating your ad. Now you can say even more about your business.

Target a broader audience

It is predicted that the finance, auto, and retail industries will see the highest amount of increased traffic to their sites. Don’t worry if you aren’t a part of these industries. If you own a small business, the large ad space will allow you to use more keywords to target a broader audience.

Direct users to your page

With the new expanded ads, you can display two different URL paths. A link to your landing page will still show, but now Google allows a business to add a second URL. You can use the second URL to direct a potential customer to the particular item you are advertising. That means they’ll go directly to the page you want them to see, and they can simply put your product in their shopping carts. Users won’t have to do further searching for the product or service displayed in the ad.

Better messaging

Since you’ll have a higher character count, you can put very specific information in your ad, and your site will see fewer random clicks. The elimination of random clicks will allow for more accurate reporting. With more accurate reporting, your business can discover its real strengths and weaknesses.

Beat your competitor

There is no denying it. The popularity of Google Adwords has already spread like wildfire over the internet. It is important to take advantage of the new expanded text ads in order to beat the competition. With the right keywords, information, and URL links, those surfing the web are more likely to take notice of your business.

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