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Bing Ads is Making Big Changes

bing adsOn June 30, 2017, Bing stopped serving ads to its content network. This may have left you wondering where your Bing ads will now show up. Well, now you may have even more questions at the end of November when Bing continues its data cleanup process.

On November 30, 2017, Bing is cleaning up data that was previously related to the now-defunct content network. This means that starting November 30, ad groups that were previously set to distribute across both the search and content networks will only be shown on the search network. If your ad group was set to run only across the content network, it will be deleted. Note that these ads haven’t been running since June 30, 2017.

You won’t be able to create or update match-type content or set content bids in Bing Ads. All keywords with the match type of content will also be deleted on November 30.

For any ad groups you would like to reuse, you will need to go in and edit their ad distribution to search network, which could be quite the hassle if you had any long-running ads on the content network.

The good news is that Bing is doing all of this automatically, and you won’t have to go through all of your old ad groups to turn them off.
Let Rank Fuse know what you think of the recent Bing Ads changes.

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