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Big Changes with Yoast SEO 7.0

YoastThe Yoast SEO plugin made a bunch of different changes on March 6. This update was created to help make SEO easier to understand and use, and in the process, Yoast removed a few settings and options. Other changes included changing the names of certain settings that might have been confusing for people without extensive technical knowledge of SEO. Rank Fuse is here to help answer some of the most common questions about the update.

Why Were Some Settings Deleted?

Yoast SEO 7.0 included the removal of a few of the settings options. The main reason Yoast got rid of these setting was that in almost all cases, they shouldn’t be altered. And, if you give people the option, they are likely to change these settings, because they feel like it’s what they are supposed to do.

In the new Yoast 7.0, the only options that are available are those that Yoast determined were important to help pages rank in search engines. This clears up a lot of confusion that many novice SEO users had with the previous versions of the Yoast plugin.

What Are the New Features?

The goal for many of the changes Yoast made during the update were to help make the plugin easier for a larger audience to understand. To help make the plugin easier for everyone to use, Yoast created a training program that can be completed online that will walk those who are new to SEO through the process so that they can see better results. The mission is to make the plugin more accessible for all people, regardless of their knowledge of SEO, so that their websites perform better on search engines.

What Changes Were Made?

Other changes that occurred in the plugin include new fields that can be filled out for SEO purposes. All of these new fields were automatically set to yes, which may mean that a lot of people saw drastic changes to their SEO settings. In our case, a lot the websites we host had all the pages that are usually not indexed show up in Google and Bing, which means that we have had to go in and make additional changes on our end to prevent sample content from appearing on search engines and potential damage to our SEO.

If you would like help with your SEO strategy, contact Rank Fuse today at 913-703-7265. Our experts can help you get your Yoast plugin back on track, or we can get you started with SEO.

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