Start by listening: Before launching your social media efforts, identify who is talking about you, which channels they are using, and what they are saying about you and your brand.

In mid-February, Microsoft announced that a sweeping change would be made to their Intellectual Property Guidelines for advertisements that support Bing and Yahoo’s PPC marketing. Of those proposed changes, the

We did a good bit of celebrating this week, didn’t we? Confused? Didn’t know about the party? Let me enlighten you. If you just happened to live in the Caucasus

The SEO community is changing. Not long ago, SEO was a smaller circle of professionals that worked to manipulate search engines. It was very much an “Us vs. The Search Engines” mentality. Today, higher stakes and a focus on off-page SEO has more of your competitors scrutinizing your links to see what you are up to.

Social media can’t be successful without a realistic level of thought and investment. If a company is using social media but doesn’t have a plan that includes the right strategy,

Google began by publicly calling Microsoft out, accusing Bing search engineers of deliberately using Internet Explorer tools to collect data from Google.

“You ain’t gonna work on Maggie’s spam farm no more.” Fed up with sites that produce “shallow or low-quality content,” Google has finally released a new spam detection classifier to

Ever been to an ice hockey match? Hockey is a fast-paced, rough-and-tumble sport. It’s 178 feet from goal to goal and the ice is populated by big men with sticks

They were surely giving each other a lot of high-fives at the Google AdWords offices in Mountain View, Ann Arbor, and New York, as it was recently reported that spending

As stated in Part 1 of the series, SEO reporting is a continual process of monitoring and reporting, analyzing and plotting. A good report serves to tell the stakeholders where