Director for Google Offers, said that the Portland trial went well and that Google’s intention “was to start learning how to source great deals, provide excellent merchant and customer service and deliver value to our customers.”

The Google+ Project is a social networking experiment and follows the launch of the Google +1 button (officially launched March 30th this year) that allows Google search users to “click” and recommend content, as well as help shape future search results for others.

Balance is required when content developers create pages, since they are being produced for both search engines and humans.

If the Google AdWords reseller you’re inquiring about is genuine, you should be able to click on the badge and be taken to their Google Certification Status.

Last week saw the release of Google Instant Previews for ads. Much like the same previews that Google rolled out for search results last November, the new Instant Previews for

Title tags show up in the search results pages, and they sit atop the browser window and greet all your visitors with a brief explanation of what each page will contain.

On Monday, March 28th, Google introduced the long-awaited Google +1 button. The product launch page at the Google Webmaster Central blog states that +1 is an “easy way for Google

Today,  Google released advanced geo-targeting options for its SEM advertising platform, Adwords. This platform allows SEM managers to more accurately geo-target their Google advertising campaigns. Google uses two methods to

he new Yahoo search feature, which debuted in beta this week, is called Search Direct and appears to take some inspiration from Google Instant.

In today’s highly connected world, an increasing number of business professionals are making social media a key component of their marketing strategy. They are employing social media to engage customers,