Imagine you’re a shopkeeper on Canal Street in Lower Manhattan in the 1850s tying to market your wares to passersby. In the old days, you marketed apples, newspapers and cudgels

This is Part 2 of the Search Marketing Expo East 2011 wrap-up. The Search Marketing Expo in New York, also known as SMX East, concluded September 15th after three days

The Search Marketing Expo in New York, also known as SMX East, wound up festivities on September 15th after three days of speakers and programs that bill themselves as the

So far in 2011, pay-per click (PPC) budgets have increased industry-wide. Surveys and research show that more companies will allocate more of their marketing budget to PPC in 2012 than

Let’s not talk about budget. Let’s eliminate the term costs from the vocabulary of the discussion as well. When it comes time to think about funding your search engine marketing (SEM) or search

There are those who believe that social media is nothing more than chatter and noise, an unending stream of absurd prattle that is clotting our bandwidth and deafening our ears.

Decades ago, before we had access to Google, Bing, and the whole of the Internet providing the world at our fingertips, search was a laborious, time-consuming effort. For instance, if

There are three major components to executing a Google AdWords advertising campaign. 1. Ad creation 2. Media planning 3. Media buying After you’ve figured out what your ad will look

Somebody once said that the future is a wilderness of possibilities. I believe this because I also believe that we shape our future by gathering and storing information about our

“If you know the enemy and know yourself you need not fear the results of a hundred battles.” – Sun Tzu In the AdWords game, all of us are data