Pinterest, created by Paul Sciarra, Evan Sharp, and Ben Silbermann and launched March 2010, bills itself as an “online pinboard,” where connected users can discover images of things to “pin”

So, armed with knowledge about content freshness and quality – as stated in Part 1 of this series – we can now tackle the next issue: Where can I add

Believe it or not, there is an important SEO lesson to be learned from department store window dressing. Really. Now that the holiday shopping season in coming to a close,

Human behavior is an interesting subject. Ask a behavioral psychologist or an FBI profiler what they can tell you about the people they routinely observe and you’ll get an answer

For the purposes of this article, the term “yellow pages” is meant to refer to any non-specific telephone directory of businesses that was commonly printed on yellow paper (of which

What is mobile? It seems almost ridiculous to ask this question. Right now, there are over 5 billion mobile phones in use across the globe. It’s an astonishing figure, given

It seems like Google+ Pages for businesses have been a long-time coming, even though Google+ was released into “invite only” field testing on June 28th of this year and just

Location, location, location. After many months of test marketing, Google has decided that AdWords, their main advertising and revenue product, would benefit from placing ads in a new location on

Once again, the developers at Google have opened their toolboxes and made a few fixes to the world’s most reliable search engine. The changes to the Google ranking algorithm were

The “if you build it…” approach doesn’t translate well to the internet.  Anyone who has seen the film Field of Dreams  has heard a variation of the phrase “if you