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5 Tips to Better Marketing for Your Blog Articles

So you’ve written up an amazing blog post for your website and you’re just about to hit “publish,” when the question suddenly occurs to you, “What happens next?” Unfortunately, just writing a blog post?even an amazing one?isn’t enough to make sure that it gets seen. There are other steps you can take to help market your blog articles, and make sure that they get the attention that they deserve. Here are five simple blog marketing tips that can help your blog articles stand out from the crowd:

Identify your target demographic. It’s true when you’re writing your blog, and it becomes doubly true when the time comes to market it: you need to know who you’re writing to. Who do you want to be reading your blog, who needs the information you’re providing, and who are your target customers? Knowing the answers to those questions can help you to write blog articles that are engaging and relevant, and also help you direct your marketing efforts to the right people.

Leverage social media. It may seem obvious, but social media is possibly the most powerful tool in your marketing arsenal right now, especially when it comes to blog content. Do more than just post the title of your article and a link to your blog, though. Develop an understanding of the strengths, weaknesses, and audiences of each social media channel, and make posts that play to those strengths. Don’t limit yourself to Facebook or Twitter, either. Places like Pinterest are growing sources for marketing opportunities, and a link to your blog from an image pinned to Pinterest may draw more hits than you think.

Engage with the community. When you’re using social media, don’t just use it as a conveyer belt to put your links in front of your customers. Nobody wants to be Facebook friends with someone who does nothing but advertise. “Like” and comment on other peoples’ posts, post links to outside content, and generally just try to engage with the people who make up your target demographic. People are a lot more likely to click on something if they perceive it as coming from a friend.

Create shareable content. Writing a dynamite blog post is one thing, but if you want your post to go viral you’ll have better chances if you complement it with content that invites sharing. Lists, videos, infographics, and other things that can be easily understood at a glance will increase the likelihood of others re-sharing your posts, and will draw in readers who may otherwise have passed by.

Use SEO tactics. Integrating targeted keywords into your blog posts and using other SEO tactics can make sure that your blog gets found by the people who’re looking for it. Keywords that are too generic can result in your blog getting lost in a sea of similar sites. Specific, targeted long-tail keywords can help you stand out and make sure that when people are looking for the information you’ve got, they can find it!

Evolving, original, engaging content is the backbone of any good website, and creating new blog articles is a brilliant way to add that content. But once the content is out there, your job is only half done. Making sure that people can find it when they need it is where marketing and SEO tactics come into play!

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